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Guide to buying a used Japanese vehicle online

23 Mar

Rising GDP levels and vibrant economic activities has seen and increase in the import of second hand vehicles, particularly from Japan. The rising middle class have money to spend but not enough to purchase new or local vehicles on the market hence the next best thing is importing cheap Japanese vehicles available through online traders.

Obviously the fist port of call is to check whether or not the vehicle is in good working order. Most of the online traders state that they check the vehicles and tested by qualified mechanics who will established whether the vehicles are in good working order. One can also look at auctions and use a Japanese car exporter who can represent you at the used auto auctions in Japan. These are your sales agents who would view the thousands of cars at the auctions and help you to find the exact car models and makes you want.

The three main regulations when considering importing / exporting a car to Kenya are:

Age Limit: In 2015 only vehicles manufactured in the year 2008 and onwards will be allowed to be imported into Kenya

Left Hand Drive Vehicles: All left hand drive vehicles are not allowed for registration unless they have a special purpose.

Road Worthiness: All motor vehicles imported into Kenya must be inspected prior to shipment by QISJ for road worthiness.

Payments are done usually by electronic transfers into accounts. This makes the task of purchasing vehicles online a haven for fraudsters. Potential vehicle importers must be extremely cautious before ordering a vehicle on the internet. Before buying a Motor vehicle online, kindly check from http://www.jumvea.or.jp/ if the online vendor is a legally registered business in Japan. Members of the Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association (JUMVEA) are legally registered & licenced Used Car Dealers, are vetted for legality and credibility and are committed by Association values.




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