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Sending money to Kenya, Safely.

29 Oct

The main reasons to send money to Kenya via an online money transfer service are undeniable: Online money transfer is fast, convenient and safe. Numerous safety measures are in place to ensure that your money goes exactly where it needs to go. Multiple layers of data encryption are used for online money transfers. That way, if by chance the data is stolen or hacked en route to the recipient, it’s all coded multiple times so that it’s illogical, illegible jibber-jabber. It’s money on a screen to you, but once you hit send on a secure money transfer Web site like Mukuru.com, it goes out into the Internet as coded data, and once it’s received by the recipient’s bank or service, it’s decoded and deposited as currency.

Online and mobile banking as well as mobile money have been targeted greatly with the continued popularity of Mobile money adoption in the region has attracted criminals who are now targeting this new money transfer channel and with many financial institutions are introducing vulnerable web and mobile applications.

All online banking transactions, including online money transfer services, are processed by the Automated Clearing House (ACH), an independent agency that offers secure financial data transmission. The various services offer other levels of protection to guarantee your money will be sent and your bank accounts won’t be compromised. Safety for the user is of paramount importance. OK, so it’s safe for you, and for the person that needs money.

Safety of the sender and receiver is of paramount importance as advancements in modern technology have helped countries develop and expand their communication networks, enabling faster and easier networking and information exchange. Did you know that there are nearly 2 billion internet users and over 5 billion mobile phone connections worldwide. Every day, 294 billion emails and 5 billion phone messages are exchanged. That is a lot of information being passed around and that means people are at risk of cyber-crime. Kenya is in advanced stages to assemble a cyber-crime laboratory for police in Eastern Africa States to arrest Internet crime with the innovation able to detect internet based fraud, hate crime, child pornography and illegal money transfer. This is the result of an An analysis of international trends of crime point to increase in organized crimes that are invariably trans-national in nature. Prominent amongst these threats are terrorism, the use and trafficking of narcotics, money laundering and cyber-crime. It has been realised that to successfully combat cyber-criminal activity Рthere is a need for organizations to rethink cyber security and adopt an Integrated Approach to fighting cyber-crime.


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