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The growing Film industry

23 Oct

When it comes to Kenya the immediate focus is on its tourism attractions, its sports personalities in running and sevens rugby, its people and its coffee. There is a sleeping giant with it comes to products from Kenya that is slowly awakening and if the indications are correct Kenya could have a film industry that could potentially rival that of Nigeria with its famed Nollywood. Are we in for Kollywood?

The first indications see the featured films moving away from documentary type films to more fictional content that saw a larger attraction of customers lapping up the new content. This was a show of relief from the documentaries that often related to conditions of the people and poverty that people were subjected to in the main cities. This saw a big increase in production of local feature films albiet still low budget and small scale. The producers will still able to reap some rewards from these mass produced films like “dangerous affair” and “R2 Security” because they sold them at a relatively low price which allowed customers to buy the dvds original and bring down piracy which could have negatively affected revenue.


Critics have stated that without funding there is little to no chance of a “Kollywood” emerging any time soon. The film industry is lacking largely in private sector funding despite its detailed growth in the past few years. The Kenyan government has stepped in yo assist and established the Kenyan Film Commission. The KFC aims to promote the industry not only within the country but to raise international awareness and interest from potential investors. The commission falls under the Ministry of Information and Communication. The Ministry of Education introduced film production in schools, colleges and universities drama festival. The Kenya film industry is expected to grow leaps and bounds say the more optimistic, with the government having committed 10% of its GDP to the creative industries. Film production in Kenya has increased exponentially in recent years. But industry insiders say there‚Äôs lot of room for improvement. They site competition from Nollywood as one of the reasons behind the slow progress of Kenya film but are confident that with time public will embrace local productions more.

A big hit on the Kenyan screens is sex comedy “The house of Lungula” which has gripped the nation. Crossing the taboo divide in a comical way reflecting on everyday ordinary Kenyans sexual encounters, showing that the Kenyan film industry has enough creativity to leave a large footprint in the film industry.house of lungula



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