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Visit Kenya from Kenya and beyond

20 Oct

Tourism is a major contributor to the Kenyan economy through visits from millions of people from all over the world. There is a plethora of attractions Kenya offers to visitors and in that same breath the Kenyan government has been making strides in boosting Domestic tourism. The idea is that Kenyans can also support the industry in exploring their nation and taking up the wonders it has to offer. The government has set up the Domestic Tourism board aimed at promoting local tourism and also attracting Kenyans abroad to come visit Kenya’s tourist attractions at local prices. The government looks to tap the increasing the increasing local disposable income levels. The ever expanding economy has resulted in more Kenyans having extra income to do what they please with. The government has stated that Domestic Tourism has become a significant form of tourism in Kenya where it is found that it can cushion off the tourism industry during low periods of international tourist arrivals.

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With the aggressive promotion of the domestic sector, local tourism business is expected to increase significantly as Kenyans disposable income gradually increases.

The aims of Kenya Domestic Tourism are to:

  1. Encourage Kenyans to become active participants in domestic tourism to boost the sector
  2. Create a network of stakeholders who will contribute to its growth and to organise forums where they could exchange ideas
  3. Maintain a constant flow of information and data on local tourism
  4. Produce tourism media — electronic and print
  5. Organise exhibitions
  6. Aggressively market local tourism through product investigation and analysis. Facilitate access of local to products and educate Kenyans on local attractions.
  7. Negotiate with stakeholders to subsidise the rates for Kenyans throughout the year

Objective 7 is the most important. While the local GDP is rising it has not quite got there to be warrant a national percentage that is described economically well off. The idea behind it is to increase the number of local tourists and locals from abroad too who may have a higher spending power because they are bringing back with them strong currencies like the US dollar and the British pound. rino-kenya-300x187Domestic packages discounted to attracted a large up taking will probably make more economic sense than  charging premium prices that only a few can take on, especially like mentioned before, during periods of low international arrivals. The government has taken active steps towards this with President Uhuru Kenyatta announcing a raft of measures including tax free holidays aimed at enticing Kenyans to visit tourism sites. Uhuru also said that the government will allow corporate and business entities to pay vacation trip expenses for their staff on annual leave in Kenya and deduct such expenditures from their taxes and he is hoping this measure will lead to at least 25,000 Kenyans going on a week’s holiday every monthly at the expense of their employers. The government hopes the initiative will bring over 300,000 additional Kenyan guests in hotels throughout the country. The measures announced by the president come on the backdrop of a meeting held with tourism sector stakeholders in which industry players had also made recommendations aimed at reviving the industry.



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