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Kenyan emigration trends.

11 Jul

There are plenty of reasons why Kenyans travel outside the country, some for pleasure and some for business. Some travel outside for the short temporary stay and some travel for longer stays, some reaching into an amassed multiple of years. Migration from Kenya has often been linked to higher education abroad and the return to Kenya to utilise skills and experienced garnered outside to help build the nation but more intimately to improve one’s socio economic fortunes extending family and then the community. Mirroring trends from other for British colonies with the destination of choice being the United Kingdom. In the years 2005/2006 the main migration destinations where UK. USA, Canada and Australia respectively. There is no prizes for guessing that they are English speaking countries. The UK has the biggest chunk of Kenyan emigrants accounting to over 51% and the rate continues to grow. The intertwined history of the two countries, the large contingent of South Asian Kenyans forced out in the 1970s provides a starting point for Kenyan migration. The presence of fellow countrymen makes it a somewhat easier decision to move to a particular place which is an undeniable human trait. Familiarity is paramount, a sense of belonging and a thriving emigrant community will make the choice easier for many. The ease of access to these countries is also a factor in choosing where to go. There are countries where Kenyans do not need a visa to go there or will be issued a visa on arrival, those include a lot of African countries and are mainly utilised by occasional or one time visitors. For the more permanent visitors they have to go through visa processes which may be stringent but somehow simple to follow. http://nairobi.usembassy.gov/non-immigrant_visas.html is a website potential emigrants can utilise for US visas and https://www.gov.uk/visas-immigration is one they can use for UK visas. These visas Kenyans mainly apply for is work and study, with trends showing that first port of call is study and then pursuing a work visa once the studies are complete. There have always been calls for those that live and work abroad to come back and help build Kenya. Some have heeded to those calls and those that remain abroad have played their part. Statistics show that remittance flows have more than doubled between 2004 and 2010. The surge has been contributed to emerging trends in money transfer, the world has seen the growth of remittance companies like mukuru.com, where diasporans can send money to Kenya, where the recipients get there funds through M-Pesa or have money deposited directly into their bank accounts. Such ease of process has helped tremendously in the emergence of Kenya as an economic powerhouse.


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