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Investing in Kenya Part 3

01 Jul

Kenya is open for business ladies and gentlemen. The words stability, growing, booming, steady, fertile and safe are synonymous with the Kenyan economy. Rating as one the continents top investment destinations, there is little to dissuade potential investors from sowing their financial seeds in the Kenyan economy. The Kenyan government has put in place favourable concessions to lure investors with them lowering the requirements of investment and making the licensing procedure more transparent and more simple to understand.  The government has identified six sectors including manufacturing, agriculture and agro-processing, tourism, business process outsourcing (BPO), finance, wholesale and retail as the key drivers of growth in the next two decades and with the discovery of oil off the coast of Kenya has significantly raised interest in the company from various mining firms and off shoot enterprises. The fortunes look favourable for this East African giant to take over Africa and move onto the global stage. The Kenyan government is also re-defining the role of our diplomatic missions abroad with a view of making them more oriented towards promoting the country as an attractive investment and tourism destination, as Kenya pursues economic diplomacy. The potential for growth is phenomenal, a concerted effort from all stake holders and an emphasis on local industry growing, making sure Kenya itself benefits from all the financial attention. Kenya ladies and gentlemen is open for business.


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