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Where to Eat in Nairobi

27 Jun

So the next time you receive money either by Mpesa or in your bank account through remittance companies like mukuru.com why not take time to spoil yourself to some exquisite Kenyan cuisine offered in Nairobi. A vibrant Nairobi, a vast cultural cauldron filled to the brim with an appetizing array of dishes are simply out of this world. We in Africa love our meat, meat especially that which is roasted over an open flame is something we take pride in and enjoy it to the full. For a truly unforgettable meat experience one cannot go further than Carnivore. The aptly titled Carnivore more than “meats” expectations, twice voted amongst the world’s 50 best restaurants by an expert panel in ‘Restaurant ‘ magazine Carnivore is described as ‘amazing’. Designed for the lion among us which is truly our culture, this restaurant opened its doors in 1980 and to this day its been taking care of the African pride with aplomb! Legs of lamb and pork, ostrich, rumps of beef, sirloins, racks of lamb, spare ribs, sausages, chicken wings, skewered kidneys, even crocodile, and other tasty morsels – are roasted on traditional Maasai swords over a huge, spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant. Zebra dressed waitpersons feed you till you literally surrender. The spectacular array of meats coated in an array of flavours that will blow your mind. After your surrender you are treated of a peace settlement of cocktails, coffee and desert.

Do yourself a favour when you have some spending cash, this establishment is popular to both locals and tourists and provides cultural mix that will guarantee a truly epic culinary expedition. carnivore-roasting-pit


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