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Send Money to send a Girl to school

20 Jun

Today I would like to highlight the plight of the Masai girl child who faces a number of obstacles in obtaining a decent education which will provide a platform to economically and socially emancipate herself. The Masai girl faces many barriers which prevent her from going to school. She faces economic barriers in the form of the cost of education. This economic barrier hits hard from the onset as even though primary education is free, school uniforms are compulsory which most Masai families would not be able to afford. Secondary education is mainly boarding based and quite out the reach of many and on top of it the better standards of education is in urban areas making it a necessity for Masai children to attend boarding secondary schools. The Masai girl also faces cultural obstacles in getting an education as they face the prospect of early marriage. Early marriage is encouraged as it is seen as a way to lessen the burden on the child’s family for her upkeep. it allows the family to materially gain from marrying her off and early marriage decreases the likelihood of the child falling pregnant out of wedlock which will significantly reduce her value if and when she gets married. They also face physical barriers in the form of schools being too far away from their villages making education virtually inaccessible.

The benefits to societies of educating women are well-documented and include lower birth rates, better health, lower infant mortality, fewer teenage marriages and pregnancies, and greater economic well being not only for women, but for the entire community in which they live. The Masai Girls Education Fund (MGEF) scholarships, workshops, and community partnerships are empowering women and promising a better future for all Masai, and you can do your part to help this initiative. Through remittance companies like mukuru.com you can send money to help fund a girl child’s dream . You can send money directly to your loved ones through mukuru.com who can then pass it forward to MGEF. The MGEF also has a paypay account to make donations possible from all over the world without any hassle. Kenyans all over the world, let’s rally behind this great initiative and send a Masai girl to school.


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