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Tech Savvy Kenyan Middle Class.

20 Jun

Gone are the days of phone calls, sending sms’s and buying a magazine for the latest information about music, movies and sport. I will even dare to say gone are the days of meeting up with a friend after work for sun-downers and a nice chat. The world is getting smaller ladies and gentlemen, not geographically speaking but in terms of technological advancement. Kenya is no exception and a recent survey bears testament to that fact. Standard Chartered carried out a survey on Kenya’s middle class and noted the increased focus on spending on electronic gadgets like smart phones and tablets. It seems that these gadgets are making a serious impact on everyday life. They are being noted as absolutely important for both business and social life hence their extreme popularity. Safaricom’s increased expenditure on infrastructure has lead to the upsurge in smart phone usage in Kenya. of its 3.1 million users, 1.9 million use smart phones. Video calls are popular, so you really don’t have to meet at the cafe, you can talk and see each other without actually being in the same place. Tablets are what one can say: computer lite! Voice over internet protocol is the way of the future with apps such as Skype and Viber ruling the roost. This transcends into the business world. no longer does one walk around with huge amounts of cash, hey why stop there, you do not even need a card to swipe these days. Transactions can be done at ease on these tablets and smart phones, online pay options have taken root and are spreading. Yucash, Mpesa and Airtel money leading the charge. Be it chatting to friends, having business meetings, sending and receiving money and paying for your groceries, tech savvy Kenyans have embraced the benefits of these gadgets which have really brought us closer to each other and made this world a whole lot smaller.


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