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What is the best way to send money from the USA to Kenya

20 Sep

There seems to be a lot of people remitting money to Kenya from the United states and we have been asked what we think is the best way to send money to Kenya from there.

There are the old dog’s of remittence who are tried and tested and seem to have a monoply on sending money such as western union. whose process is as follows

To complete such a transfer, go to an American Western Union office, use a phone service or use the website. Western Union offices are typically located in check cashing businesses, supermarkets and convenience stores. Pay for your money transfer in cash or with a debit card. To send money by phone or online, you need a credit or debit card.

Western Union will send the money transfer to a Western Union agent in Kenya. The recipient then needs to go to the Western Union agent with the transfer confirmation number. Most Kenyan Western Union agents are located at banks and post offices, but you can check the Western Union website for all agents in an area.


This is an established remittance company  that has been around for a while and is trusted by people who send money from the  diaspora. They have been remitting money predominantly to Zimbabwe  and they have now  branched to Kenya in addition to South Africa on the African continent and  they seem to be really doing well.

Their service seems to be really swift once you have gotten past their very secure security checks, which i must say are a pleasure especially with all the credit card fraud that happens out here. Basically once you have placed your order  you need to check your bank statement for the secret amount their automated system would have billed you. When you verify it after looking at your statement they then release the funds to Kenya and you details are saved and secure in their system.

It sound long but it saves you the hassle of worrying about someone stealing your card and them using it on their website, so GREAT SECURITY!. This is all done via your credit or debit card!!!

So go to their website an check it out for yourself.


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