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Come drought come thunder:Livestock insurance for herders in Kenya

29 Apr

Early in January this year all seemed bleak for the pastoralists in Northern Kenya and indeed a drought descended upon the region and wrecked havoc.The drought decimated herds and had a devastating impact on pastoralist communities. All seemed bleak then, assessments were done to see if the local government would be able to handle the matter on their own or whether national agencies would have to help alleviate the problem.

Now three months later,  the Index-Based Livestock Insurance scheme is rolled out  by the Nairobi-based International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), in collaboration with several technical partners, the government of Kenya and commercial partners UAP Insurance and Equity Bank. The project is funded by UKAID, USAID and the World Bank, among other partners.

This has seen a light of hope penetrate into the lives of northern Kenya dwellers. The project has helped a reduction in demand for food aid.Below is a village meeting in Dirib Gombo for farmers who took out livestock insurance to receive their first payout after a prolonged drought in the region. Credit: Neil Palmer/ CIAT




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