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A cup of strong tea please

22 Apr

tea in kenyaTea is a major cash crop that is grown in Kenya. in Kenya tea is ranked as the third major foreign exchange earner, behind tourism and horticulture. Looking  at the Kenyan culture it is fascinating how their way of life blends the traditions of thousands of years of an African social evolution with modern influences of the 20th century.

In Kenya any time is tea time a custom  borrowed from the British colonial past and Chai (tea with milk and sugar) style of cooking tea is most common. This style of cooking originated from India, this a true sign that Kenyan culture embraces many different cultural influences.

Tea is also an appropriate gift, along with sugar , when a person has been invited for dinner especially in the rural areas to present to their host.

Tea has had such a positive impact on the lives of Kenyan in so many ways.Small scale farming is an easy business to start and many Kenyans who have a hard time adjusting to urban life will relocate to most of the areas on the map above, to start a farming project. Kenya is the third largest producer of tea in the world. It also generates a substantial amount of foreign exchange which contributes to the economy as a whole.









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