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Making millions in Kenyan Property

15 Apr

The Kenyan market has been awfully lubricative especially for foreign investor because of the high profit margins of 20 to 30per cent, which analyst have argued is impossible even in the US or European markets. In the last decade, Kenya’s real estate has been anything but robust. The real estate boom survived the 2008 Post Election Violence and global economic downturn that crippled other sectors such as tourism and agriculture. The construction sector is approximated to have created 82,000 private sector jobs in 2010.     Kenya_Real_Estate
Big international real estate firms have invested millions of dollars in luxury properties and the high-end market targeting expatriates, diplomats and wealthy Kenyans.The value of Nairobi’s prime real estate grew by 25% while at the Kenyan coast it went up by 20% outdoing other major cities like Miami (19.1%), London (12.1%), Moscow (9.8%), New York (3.1%), Shanghai (-3.4%) and Singapore (-4.7%).In capital Nairobi, huge billboards advertise the newest house apartments. These have become quiet common as agriculture paves way for real estate.


Some of the big projects include Tatu City , a multi-million dollar development located on the outskirts of Nairobi set on 1,000 hectares of land and estimated to house 70,000 residents and create close to 220,000 short term construction jobs and over 115,000 permanent jobs. The project championed by both local and foreign investors including Renaissance Capital, the Moscow-based investment bank, is estimated to cost in excess of Ksh. 400 billion ($4,784,688,643.00 USD).

Kenyan real estate is one of the most vibrant and profitable in the world today. Africa is the next big thing and it is led by Kenya being in the heart of this continent and with the highest level of growth going forward, so why let foreign inventors benefit for our country when you can send money to Kenya and invest in your future if you living abroad


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