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The Kalenjin tribe world runners.

28 Mar

We tend to think of Kenyans as really good distance runners, all these runners are actually from the same tribe of Kenyans known as the Kalenjin. They number around 5 million, making them a small minority, even in Kenya, yet they dominate most of the world’s long-distance races. Kenyan Wilson Kipsang won this year’s Berlin Marathon in 2 hours, 3 minutes and 23 seconds — an average of 4:42 per mile. It was easily the fastest marathon time ever recorded, an incredible feat for another powerful Kenyan(The Kalenjin tribe) runner. But perhaps equally remarkable was that his fellow Kenyans also came in second, third, fourth and fifth place in this major international race. On the women’s side, Kenyans placed first, second and fourth. Only 17 American men in history who have run under 2:10 in the marathon on the other hand 32 Kalenjin who did it in October of 2011. The big question is how do they manage to be so good in long distance marathon. These are some of the facts which makes them world leading runner:

  • Scientists and sports gurus have proposed all sorts of explanations over the years for : from their high-starch diet, to the altitude, to socioeconomics. All those factors are important, but none of them explain why this particular tribe is so dominant. Most scientists state that genes play a major role in making the Kalenjin tribe leading runners.
  • Mental toughness also plays a big role in making the Kalenjin tribe best runners.
  • lnitiation practice also contribute in creating people like Wilson Kipsang.

The Kalenjin tribe is playing a major role in Kenyan economy, whether they are living abroad sending money to Kenya for investing in Kenyan economy or based in Kenya, the tribe is making a huge impact to e economy.






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