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31 Mar
The demographic structure in Kenya show that people in the 15-24 and 25-54 age groups constitute 18.8% and 32.4% respectively of the entire population, this is a significant percentage of the whole population and also looking at the literacy rate (people over 15 years that can read and write) in Kenya which is more than 80%, these  statistics are from a Kenya Demographics Profile 2013. People in this age group mostly have the means(income) and the need to use technology-education, networking ,careers to name just a few, and therefore the literacy rates aid in increasing the probability and numbers of technology users.
Most Kenyans use the internet to stay in touch with friends and family, their most prefered sites are Facebook Twitter,Myspace, Google+ and Instagram.The US-based Pew Research Centre said 68 per cent of Kenyans discussed politics online, while 62 per cent of the country’s users remained online round the clock.
The number of Mobile subscribers is  increasing steadily every year in Kenya with more than 30 million subscribers at the moment.This shows Growth in that sector and ultimately growth in the usage of technology and broadband requirements in the country.
All this to a certain extend reduces the level of stress on people living abroand who have an interest in Kenya,for example,a Kenyan living abroad can relax knowing when he/she sends money to family they know how to use the technology involved with the whole process such as Mpesa. Mukuru.com has an application (mukuruapp)that can be downloaded by their clients and their recipients alike to enable them to chat with mukuru.com in case there might be a query or with the recepient about anything which for me is really useful but can only be realised if both parties are well versed with the technology that goes with the whole process.



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