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Internet in Africa -Kenya Part 2

25 Mar

broadbandA digital technology that gives users high-speed Internet access where data, e-mail, videos and music can be downloaded at speeds significantly faster than those available through dial-up modems. Often, broadband service is provided through cable lines from a cable telephone company. Another type of broadband connection, digital subscriber lines (DSL) provides high-speed broadband service using a special telephone line.

  • AccessKenya is Kenya’s leading corporate ISP which provides a business VoIP & broadband provider.
  • Blue -Internet Service Provider
  • Ericonet- offers secure easy to use global broadband internet access through the provision of “hotspots” at airports, hotels, conference centres that allow customers to work freely at their convenience
  • KDN-is a public data network operators in Kenya.KDN was a result of a major Kenyan conglomerate-established by the Sameer Group targets businesses and larger institutions in Nairobi and other areas of Kenya offering Leased line, Frame RElay and IP Data services.
  • Skyweb -Provides a wireless solution to consumers who are always on the move or within their office premises, they design, implement, maintain and integrate wireless local area networks to your standard Ethernet or physical network. which according to Skyweb gives an ultimate roaming network access

According to the latest Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) report, over 16 million of Kenyans have access to the internet with over 9.5 million having online access via mobile connections.Meanwhile, broadband connections to the internet only account for just over 1,178,077 subscriptions.All sectors of Kenya’s economy could be using technology to boost business in the next few years thanks to the country’s broadband strategy 2030.

The ambitious plan by the Kenyan government to enhance connectivity for the country is driven by Vision 2030, which places ICT as one of the important pillars to drive the economy of the country. Kenya’s economy is doing remarkably well as compared to its its fellow African countries. However the vision and the targets that have been put in place needs to be kept and realised to maintain its edge and stay ahead of competition.

Similar to Kenya, South Africa has also launched a national broadband advisory council.This Council which includes different independent technical experts and representative of business, trade unions and civil society among other representatives, and according to the Minister of Communications  Yunus Carrim, will assist in rolling out broadband faster and more effectively.







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