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International Women’s Day

09 Mar
Yesterday 8 March marked International Women’s Day, and this years theme is “inspiring change“. WOW! l must just say this women are special indeed, l mean on your birthday, women’s day, mothers day and International women’s day you get to be celebrated, recognised motivated .
In Kenya it was marked with several functions held at several venues and also with their own sub themes as well. Women and young girls are subjected to all sorts of cultural abuses, these practices like child marriages and genital mutilation.A day like this means there will be numerous activities aimed at educating and empowering women in all different areas of their life.
Events that stood out for me was the:-
  • (WTM) Women’s Techmakers in Mbombasa which focusses on a technical women audience,  A community initiative which focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas through networking, technical training and support and professional mentoring and coaching
  • ANNUAL MPOWER IN CELEBRATION of (IWD), Nyali Centre, Mombasa MPower Ltd is hosting the AMWTE 2014 to provide an opportunity for women to showcase their prowess in their endeavours to economically empower themselves.
  • GIRL RISE-A-THON, ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYAYPEs Nailab, Nairobi Incubation Lab, Nairobi (Association of Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs, True North Leadership, Nailab, Broad Horizons, Google, Intel: Girl Rising Kenya – Empowering Young Women in ICT and Entrepreneurship
  • BILL OF RIGHTS TRAINING Mnarani, Kilifi, Kilifi, 80108 Field leaders, girls between 13 – 18, in Moving the Goalposts will have discussions about the Bill of Rights and explore the opportunities in the Kenya Bill to create positive changes in their communities

These events empower women economically and increase even the contribution from women to the economy as a whole. Women represent a significant part of the worlds population and most women world over have been housewives regardless of their education. The world needs more women leaders, women professionals, women in entrepreneurship, and knowledgeable women.



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