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Hawkers in Nairobi

04 Mar

Hawkers have had many challenges from the city council Askaris. There are designated markets for hawkers but these are usually located far from the city center for example (Muthurwa Hawkers Market) and this is done to avoid conjestion and crime in the CBD.

In as much as the City Council of Nairobi are working towards containing the hawkers and sellers in one Strategic position, we all have to admit that the hawkers can save the day in more ways than one.You will easily find affordable goods without putting much effort.

Water bottles which are essential in the hot Nairobi sun much cheaper with the hawkers than in the supermarkets.

Clothes and accessories just meters away from each other and also go with the trend. for instance, they have chiffon tops and chino pants which are a fashion statement in Kenya at the moment. Button earrings from as little as 30Ksh, luminous belts are also a hit in the fashion arena.

Timing is also important to the Hawkers they extend their trading hours even when the shops are closed which is convenient to those that work most of the day and get no chance to do some shopping.

A hawking kind of life ….kenya



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