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Eldoret: Runner Factory making more profit

11 Mar

Elodoret is the fastest growing town in Kenya thanks to the fact that it is the home town to most Kenyan world running champions.

Kenya has undoubtedly proven that it has talent when it comes to running and the people haven’t turned a blind eye, they have embraced the reality, and making a profit out of it.

Eldoret, a town in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Judging by the number of newly built multi-storied buildings, luxurious hotels and palatial homes, this previously undeveloped area is booming as a result of the fortunes earned in the world of professional athletics.

Remittances are probably pouring from different parts of the world through different remittance companies. Maybe from the United Kingdom after the London Marathon,  the money would maybe be sent via Mukuru.com,a remittance company which sends money to bank accounts in Kenya  and also to Mpesa . Probably part of that money is for a building project,clearly there is a lot of development “Projects”going on in the town. These developments however small generate investment ripples and transform the community as a whole. Job creation, entrepreneurship, technology and even education to name but just a few benefits that Eldoret is enjoying.



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