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Investment in Kenya ?? Part 2

03 Mar

investmentSo you probably have a business already overseas, or posses several years of experience and you are confident that given a chance u can manage your own business and the biggest question is the feasibility.

Well this post wont be about a detailed statistics or market values and profit margins to be attained. This post merely supports the fact that it is very possible for you, to start your own business in your home country and succeed.

First of all, non.kenyan residents or Kenyans living in the diaspora become sceptic and base their judgement on the information provided by te media and hearsay facts that do not always reflect the true situation on the ground.Most probably as well the majority have not yet returned home since moving abroad.

However,the point is that the business environment is supporting for the expansion of industries and there are niche markets to be discovered new technologies and intelligence that has not hit the East African shores yet that can generate significant and thriving enterprises.

I will not turn a blind eye on the disadvantages, with every business there is always a downside, apply for licensing, pass  Environmental, Health and Security impact assessments depending on the sector and competition just to mention but a few.Click this link and check out some business success in Kenya.investment


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