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TEGLA LOROUPE Peace Foundation:Women making a difference

07 Feb

Women and children are deemed the most vulnerable in societies world over.In Kenya women are getting involved in making decisions for their communities.

Tegla Leroupe is one such woman, she has redefined vulnerability and has taken her abilities and all the resources that she has gathered through her own success in her running career.Tegla is a 3 time World Half Marathon Champion among other several National and International titles.

She could have settled abroad and lived a cushioned life, maybe sending money here and there to Kenya. To send money was not enough she never forgot life and the people she had left back home she had to do something bring back what had made her famous and let it make a huge difference to men and women and children in Kenya.

She established the TEGLA LOROUPE Peace Foundation in 2003.The foundation’s mission “to improve peace building, livelihoods and resilience of poor people affected by and vulnerable to conflicts and civil strife in the world”

In a country that has had its share of violence, initiatives like this especially driven by women has gone a long way in improving the lives of people and also providing a bridge to those that cant be there to help and lend their helping hand, through donating .

Remittance to Kenya  has improved in the East African country in recent years and various innovations with regard to transfers from abroad  has emerged. Its so amazing even l and ordinary can transfer money to Kenya and support this exceptional work.



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