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Moving from place to place

31 Jan

Kenya like an other african country has different ethnic tribes, currently over 40 tribes.Throughout the years l have only found one tribe interesting , the Massai people.

Living in the rift valley region between Kenya and Tanzania this tribe has always been a proud and independent tribe. They didnt grow crops or need for cash, rather the blood, milk and meat of their cattle was enough to sustain their way of life.

But as things changed so did their way of life, herds became bigger which meant less grazing land and also the weather impacted their movement patterns such that many had to adapt to a much developed society which is fuelled by technology and cash.

Now a Maasai of the 21st century also sells cattle for cash, has a mobile fone and has kids in school. And as l was looking at a new innovation introduced in Kenya just seven years back-M-pesa, an innovative mobile transfer solution that enables customers to transfer money, it would be as if it was made for cultural consevation.

Now a Massai never has to worry about moving from place to place he can simply register with M-pesa and get a way of sending money to his family in his village once he sells his cattle, or receive a wire tranfer from his children abroad nomatter where he is at the time as long as there is a M-pesa dealer close by he can withdraw his cash and continue being a MAASAI-ASANTE Mpesa


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