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16 Sep

Mukuru.com is an online remittance company based in London in the UK.They offer customers all over the world the opportunity to send money, goods and services to their relatives or friends back home to countries like Zimbabwe,South Africa and have recently launched their services in Kenya.By simply registering on their website online,you can place your orderĀ  and send money instantly to a MPESA registered Safaricom phone,and your recipient can collect the cash from over 11,000 MPESA outlets nationwide.With mukuru.com you can also make the payment in the comfort and convenience of your home by making the payment with your debit or credit card.

Mukuru.com enables you to support your loved ones in a cost-effective manner. Considering how hard people work ,it is their goal to facilitate extremely convenient value transfers at the minimum level of cost. Mukuru.com is a quick and easy method of purchasing goods or services. You can place the order online or alternatively call theirĀ  customer support team that can help you transact entirely over the telephone.

As they say it at mukuru.com SIGN UP…SEND IT…SORTED!!!


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