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Not booming… but still growing

03 Dec

Experts say growth prospects remain firm and are projecting a 4.5 percent growth up. The forecasts are based on positive trends being witnessed among key economic segments.

Increased foreign investments, good rainfall and radical reforms in key socio-political and economic realms are some of the important factors that have driven meaningful economic growth in the country.

Good rainfall that was received across the country will result in good agricultural yields, while ongoing investments are injecting direct foreign capital into the economy as major reforms shake up governance. According to Renaissance Capital Kenya, this will in turn restore the country’s goodwill and confidence among strategic trading partners.

Kenya’s stuttering economic growth has been a causing a nightmare to its citizens, investors alike, who will certainly be relieved by these projections. The economy has shown resilience from the effects of the debilitating 2007/8 post election rukus which pushed it to the precipice.

Aftershocks of the global economic meltdown also trickled down to key economic segments occasioning cash crunch and liquidity challenges.

This, coupled with a prolonged drought recently made more than 10 million Kenyans depend on relief food and forced the government to seek international support to raise Ksh30billion for food.


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