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Kenya ranked in Africa’s top 17

28 Sep

The country has excellent connectivity to major world-wide hubs, a deep pool of educated and skilled manpower, a huge potential for exploration and exploitation, and to top it up, it has the most developed stock market in the Eastern and Central African region

These factors among others are why Kenya has been ranked as one of the top 17 most attractive countries in Africa for investment over the next five years. This was published by Earnest & Young in its 2011 Africa attractiveness survey. They survey identified a selection of countries with good potential for good investment over the next five years and Kenya was ranked as one of the top 17.

According to the survey, Africa has become critical in sustaining the growth of emerging market investors. As it becomes more attractive, the growth prospects for the continent have become more attractive with capital investment set to grow to about US$150b in 2015.

According to this research, doing business in Africa is not a “should I” question but rather a “how should I” question for anyone who is serious about making a sustainable and meaningful investment. It is simply a matter of looking at the various opportunities that the continent provides especially by means of its natural resources advantage, and the availability of labour at reasonable costs.


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