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Maintaining ties- Dual citizenship

07 Aug

My last post gave a somewhat different perspective on the issue brain drain and how it actually has positive effects on the country of origin by providing a first world perspective to local medical issues. This benefit is only realised if the immigrants to other countries maintain close ties with their country of origin. They basically need to have a reason to keep in touch with their country of origin.

One of the sure ways to ensure that a relationship with their source country is maintained is allowing immigrants to other countries to have dual citizenship. This will give an immigrant options; whether they want to go back home after retirement or after seeing their children through college-they are allowed the opportunity to plan ahead for a future in their country of origin.

When an immigrant to the first world decides to  naturalize and reside in one country, they may not want  to loose all connection to Kenya and their families here. With dual citizenship ,they can retain their rights in both countries to vote, own property, government health care and even access to retirement programmes when they want to come and settle back home, among other benefits.
In this case, they are offered an incentive to reconnect with their roots.


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