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How to determine your financial future

26 Sep

Usually when you send money to Kenya you have a list of financial goals that you need to achieve. These goals probably include paying the rent, putting food on the table, keeping the lights turned on, and other very basic things that most people usually take for granted. Investment very understandably is at the very bottom of that list.

Not that you are not concerned about the future, but you are just so caught up in the now, trying to survive-in the moment, that you don’t have the opportunity nor resources to worry about it.

So with the first world recovering from the economic crunch and the Kenyan economy making small steps towards recovery, it is reasonable to say that no one actually has any money left to invest after paying the very basic bills that they have to pay in the Diaspora and back home in Kenya.

The question though, is; is it a wise decision to wait until you have enough money to actually make a reasonable investment?  Is it ok for you to keep putting this off until you have taken all your kids through college?

I guess the answer to that is a bit obvious.

Although we might not want to hear this, investment is so crucial that you actually cannot afford not to think about it, especially considering your current situation. We all know that we will always have wants and needs, and the important thing is not doing away with our immediate needs but rather, to realise that our future should be a top priority, it is not a want but a need.

The big question really, is not how much you invest but if you are investing at all! It is never too early to invest, so just be sure to look into the investment options that will best work for you given your financial goals and abilities.


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