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An overview of the Kenyan economy

14 Sep

Kenya has experienced considerable economic growth in the past few years. Some of the key advantages that make the country such a lucrative investment option are that it has: a reasonably well-educated labour force, a vital port that serves as an entry point for goods destined for countries in the East African and Central Africa interior, abundant wildlife and kilometres of attractive coastline and above all, a government that is committed to implementing business reforms.

Kenya’s agricultural development still remains the most important contributor to GDP with horticultural industry of mainly high quality cut flowers being among the leading export products. Kenya’s transport and communications infrastructure are of a middling quality, although recent developments should bring about more vigorous competition and better services in the medium and long term. Kenya is part of the East African Community (EAC), of which Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi are the other members. And as we saw yesterday it has the biggest and most competitive economy in East Africa.


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