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12 Aug

We may are living in a world where technology has really superseded our wildest imagination in terms  of what it can do for us a species , but most  importantly is the global impact that it has on the remittance industry.

We see the benefits of this in various countries all over the world . This is even more captivating  where at the touch of a button you can for example send money Kenya. I am sure that when  Dr Martin Cooper had no idea what he was about to start when he invented the technology responsible for the cell phone in 1973. I am sure Kenya was not one of the countries he was thinking of.

Just by way of explanation and one case study  lets look at Kenya and how it has been impacted by this modern technology . Kenyans are able to receive a message on their cell phone in the form of a code and they can walk into an Mpesa branch and withdraw the money they need.

This facility for a country like Kenya has made a huge impact in terms of money being accessible to the rural community that would otherwise not have had a banking facility.

The financial impact on this country alone according to statics provided from a report provided by  The University of Maryland June 2010  are as follows:

By August  2009  over 7.7 Million Kenyans ( about 38 percent of the Adult population ) had become registered users of M – PESA which far exceeded expectations and by January 2010 the numbers was over 9milion. The monthly value or person -to-person transfers was over KSH26 Billion ( approximately  U.S $330 million)

All this would not have been available had technology not stepped in when it did and just the sheer scale of users is a sound indication that a small invention can make a huge impact.

Makes you wonder if we as a species think that it cant get better than this what the next best invention will be.


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