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East Africa’s Investment choice

09 Aug

The property market in Kenya has seen massive opportunity, mainly along the Indian Ocean coastline within the many game reserves Kenya is so famous for. In addition to being the business hub of East Africa, Kenya is blessed with natural beauty, incredible scenery and abundance of rare and amazing wildlife. Its tourism sector has continued to flourish and the country even attracted property investment into the game reserves in the form of commercial lodges for tourism and also along the Indian Ocean coastal region in the form of a few second home and retirement home developments as well as some holiday resorts and commercial ventures as well. The increasing number of visitors to Kenya has inevitably boosted the more conservative business confidence in the country and gradually the economic fortunes of Kenya are beginning to see a sustained positive shift. So weather you are making a long term residential or commercial property investment, Kenya is definitely a significant choice thanks to the growing tourism sector and the solid growth in their underlying investment technology.


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