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Brain drain or gain?

13 Jul

I think we have covered-very well, the beneficial impacts of migration and remittances on social welfare: let’s look at the social cost again.

There are many Kenyans who have migrated and settled in foreign countries in search of greener pastures and promising labour markets. Most of these international migrants where forced out of Kenya by: the lack of promising jobs, a declining economy, and harsh political conditions.

One of the problems with emigration of skilled capital is the social cost. In many developing countries, education is free and provided by the government. Therefore if an individual receives an education and then emigrates, the social benefits of his or her education are lost. Thus the benefits of investing education are lost when the skilled workers emigrate.

The benefits of course, are that professionals abroad play a crucial role in rebuilding the country from abroad by sending money to Kenya and moreover by forming networks to help Kenya’s development.


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