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Kwale Hill

23 Jun

Kenya’s mining industry is dominated by production of non-metallic minerals encompassing industrial minerals such as soda ash, fluorspar, kaolin and some gemstones. Mining accounts for a very small part of Kenya’s annual GDP. Gold is produced primarily by artisanal workers in the west and south western parts of the country, on several small greenstone belts. Iron ore is mined from small localised deposits for use in the domestic manufacture of cement.

Clearly seen as one of the largest potential capital projects in Kenya, the Kwale Hill heavy mineral sands project is being developed along the country’s south-eastern coast.

This project is considered consider as being a world class advanced development project. All approvals, permits and licenses required for development are in place and a full definitive feasibility study has been completed. The Project, which is supported by the Kenyan government, is located just 50km from Mombasa.


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