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Nairobi makes top five destinations in Africa

14 Jun

According to MasterCard’s Index of Global destination Cities, Nairobi should receive the third highest number of total visitor arrivals in 2011. Nairobi, together with five other African cities made the top ten rankings of the broader Middle East and Africa category.

Nairobi is also set to experience a 20.8% growth rate in visitor expenditure from last year.

Here are some attractions & activities that tourists can look forward to, not only in Nairobi but also in Kenya.

  • Wildlife & game reserves – EG; the Maasai Mara – Elephants, Rhinos, Lions
  • Coast Eg: Mombasa – White sand beaches and coral reefs
  • Stunning scenery – savannahs and plateaus – Eg: The Rift Valley
  • Mt Kenya –Africa’s second highest peak
  • Agreeable climate with temperatures over 20 degrees all year, lots of sunshine.
  • Relatively good roads, good rail links, air transport.
  • Motorised & walking safaris,
  • Beach holidays,
  • Balloon/air safaris,
  • Water sports,
  • Walking/climbing,
  • Cultural tours of local tribes,
  • Fishing

Besides creating jobs in the country, increased tourism provides a major source of income for foreign exchange earnings.  Helps to protect wild animals & scenery and develops facilities. It also promotes understanding of culture and finally helps improve other related industries and the infrastructure.


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