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Kenyan Diaspora

13 Jun

To their families and loved ones, they are seen as providers; they are the unselfish, giving individuals who have travelled long distances across oceans to find jobs in order to sustain their families by sending money back home on a regular basis.

Their contribution however does exceed development on a personal level. They have aided the erection and are the backbone of NGO’s, political parties, health centres, etc. Remittances have become a powerful force for poverty reduction. It has facilitated concrete development in Kenya on both national and community levels although some of their efforts are unappreciated and without structural support.

Although the number of Kenyans living abroad has increased steadily over the years, it is disappointing to see that the unique strengths and added value of the Kenyan Diaspora have to date not been realised and effectively used.

The obstacles that they face in the Diaspora have adversely affected the volume and quality of contribution to Kenya, so it is only in the interest of the government to start acquainting itself and the Kenyan public with the depth, variety and achievements of the Kenyan Diaspora, as well as sensitizing them of their problems and their expectations from their homeland.


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