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Keep it safe!

30 May

Sending money online using a payment card is considered very risky. A lot of people choose to be sceptical and would rather stick to traditional methods of payment which in many cases may prove to be more expensive or too inconvenient.

Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your safety is protected when using your debit/credit card on online.

  • Check the website:

Make sure the website address begins with https// as opposed to just http//. Make sure the website is legitimate, ask around and only use a website you have been referred to by someone else who has actually used the site before.

  • Check the bill:

Ensure that all fees are accurate; the advertised cost should match the amount debited from your account

  • Check the privacy policy:

If you are asked to give your personal information on a website make sure you read the privacy policy; how will your personal details be used? Who will have access to them?

  • Do not share your pin with anyone

Do I really have to say this? Well, just in case you need to hear this again, your pin is your own secret; do not give it to anyone under any circumstances!!

  • Use your common sense

You really do not need to give your ID number when making a payment online using your card; this, coupled with your card details could result in identity theft.

  • Finally, use your common sense!

Get the point? If it does not feel right ask questions and do more research. Don’t be lazy!!

So why not throw all scepticism aside and educate yourself. Making safe and secure payments online is actually not that difficult. Do your homework and you will find that using payment cards is actually cheaper and more convenient when making payments.


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