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Africa’s future;megacities

23 May

African cities are growing at an accelerating pace. This obviously puts a certain amount of pressure on the city’s infrastructure and resources. Most African cities are already currently facing water, energy and sanitation challenges which are being exacerbated as increasingly people move to cities in search of a better life.

New, “enabling” infrastructure is needed; infrastructure that will accommodate the massive growth rates and future opportunity. These cities will become incubators of innovation, attracting more foreign and domestic investment, thus resource efficiency is paramount and could become a competitiveness factor.

There is a huge incentive for renewable energy and “smart water” powered by technology.  This will help do away with the current problems caused by congestion in Africa

As these mega cities take shape, it is important to start planning the growing urban communities, not by coming up with mega-solutions but rather by customised solutions which are fresh and tailored to the specific rising needs and challenges of these cities.


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