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The mystery of the Gedi

18 May

It is one of Kenya’s unknown treasures, a lost city, and an archaeological puzzle that has engendered debate among historians. Extensive research and exploration has been done and still no one is sure of what really happened to the town of Gedi and its people.

Tucked away deep in the forest a long distance from the ocean and other trading centres, this settlement was quite sizable and complex; characteristics common in other trading outposts. Its location does however make it an unlikely trading centre.

Where they came from and where they went to are some of the big mysteries that you can unravel at these ghostly ruins of the Gedi. It is definitely a mysterious place to visit were you can lose yourself in the secrets of the past whilst taking walk through the Gedi architecture.

If you still needed convincing, this is yet another reason to visit Kenya…!


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