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Kenyan Artifacts

16 May

Fascinating, unique and beautiful… these are some of the words that resound with every tourist who gets the opportunity to encounter Kenya’s culture through the hands of the ethnic groups’ sculptures.

Beautifully carved with exquisite detail Kenyan artifacts have definitely made a profound impact on foreign tourists as they sell very well both locally and abroad.  The most  popular Kenyan artifacts include colorful hand-woven sisal baskets, Maasai beaded jewelry, gold and silver jewelry, musical instruments, soapstone sculptures, tribal masks, figurines, paintings, prints, batik cloth, kangas and the beautiful traditional Kikoys (African sarongs).

All these form a central and very intriguing part of the Local ethnic groups distinguishing them from other African cultures.

Some of the more unique sculptures by the Kenyans have religious significance as they are used during traditional ceremonies. More than just being beautiful these artifacts say a lot about the local culture


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