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M-Pesa International Money Transfer

30 Jan

M-PESA International Money Transfer (IMT) is an innovative way to send from abroad to someone in Kenya. The money is sent directly in to the Receiver’s Mobile phone, to the M-PESA Account, and can then be used in various ways. The money transfer is received close to instantly (time of an SMS text message). Both the Sender & Receiver are sent a confirmation SMS text message from M-PESA.

The scheme is live between the UK and Kenya, and the system is such that additional corridors can easily be added, subject to local regulations. The recipient must be a Safaricom customer to receive IMT. This is because to be registered you need to be on Safaricom. People not registered for M-PESA, on any network, can receive money via M-PESA. You must be registered for M-PESA to send money.

If the recipient is not registered on M-PESA, he gets an SMS confirming that he has received funds from the UK & WU and he needs to register within 21 days to access the funds. (Depending on the Agent from which your friend in UK is sending money, you may receive an SMS advising you to register)

Charges for sending money from UK via M-PESA vary depending on the amount sent and the agent at which the money is being sent from.

Charges vary between ₤4.00 and ₤6.90, for sending up to ₤250. Participating Agents publish their transaction charges; which are currently:

Fee, up to ₤100 Fee, ₤101 to ₤200
Western Union ₤4.90 ₤6.90
Fee, ₤10 to ₤150 Fee, ₤151 to ₤250
Provident Capital ₤4.00 ₤6.00
Mukuru.com ₤3.00 ₤5.00

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