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Communication made easier

12 Oct

Ever improving transportation and communications technologies have played an important role in ensuring those who have crossed borders seeking better opportunities can keep in contact with their families as well as provide for their families back home.Technology has made it much easier to migrate and still communicate and send money back home.

Some money transfer companies like mukuru.com have used these technological advancements to make it easier to send money in the comfort and convenience of your home. You can place an orderr,pay online using your card and your recipients are notified instantly via sms to collect the funds.This eliminates time constraints and ensures your loved ones get the money in no time.

M-pesa which means mobile money in Swahili is a mobile money transfer system that enables people to exchange funds without a bank account.It is one of the biggest business success stories on the African continent.Created by Vodafone in Kenya, the system took just a few years to reach a market of 10 million users in a country where the population is just more than 37 million .M-PESA is a branchless banking service, meaning that it is designed to enable users to complete basic banking transactions without the need to visit a bank branch.This has enabled a lot of people without bank accounts to still receive money from their loved ones.


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