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Get the most value out of the money you send home!

11 Jun

Sending money over to a different country in a different currency can be quite an expensive exercise as well as an intimidating process.Planning  and  sufficient research is essential  if you intend on sending all or part of your hard earned savings. We may wish  to use the money to finance a  new life when we get home after working so hard  or to buy a property.Whatever the intensions are its important to

  • ensure you get the best exchange rate possible
  • that the transaction is done efficiently and arrives safely to your recipient
  • that you do not pay unnecessary fees.

It is also essential to note that though banks  are well established and are a safe method to send money home,Online money transfers like mukuru.com offer much better rates yet charge less and  have proved to be  more efficient.They essentially have all  3 points  stated above to ensure that  you get the most out of the money you are sending home!!!


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