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An enriching destination

08 Oct

Prolific wildlife and white-sand beaches bring about 780,000 foreign visitors to Kenya annually. Tourism generates an estimated US$500 million per year in hard currency earnings, making this sector the country’s single largest source of foreign exchange.

Kenya is an enriching place to travel with its diverse geography,world-class wildlife viewing,culture and heritage.Kenya’s two major cities are Mombasa and Nairobi located along the coast of East Africa.The coast is hot and humid all year round and consists of beaches, coral cliffs and reefs, creeks and coral islands. The area between the coast and Nairobi is dry and arid and climbs up to the higher lands that start in Nairobi.The main tourist attraction in Kenya is wildlife with 59 conservation areas.Masai Mara and Amboseli are the most famous,but they all provide abundant adventure opportunities.

Kenya is a country of wildlife, landscapes, lakes, tropical coastline, culture, history and friendly welcoming people. Kenya has geographical diversity from snow-capped peaks, a Rift Valley with extinct volcanoes and hot springs, wide open plains, forest and coastline with reefs and magnificent beaches. Kenya tourist infrastructure is well developed with hotels, lodges, campsites an efficient transport system and lots of activities make Kenya a popular tourist destination.

The north of Kenya is a large desert and home to nomadic tribes. The gateway is Marala and Marsabit an oasis in the middle of the desert. The Kenyan coast has many beaches, coral reefs, creeks and coral islands. The coastal strip is largely flat and then rises inland into rolling hills.Game viewing is the big draw card for visitors. Kenya has 16 managed national parks, reserves and game reserves. Tsavo East and Tsavo West National parks between Nairobi cover a land area that is about the size of Wales.The most visited park is the  Masai Mara and borders the Serengeti plains that lie in Tanzania. In July and August the annual wildebeest migration takes place. Along with open range,and Kenya has forested reserves that include the Aberdares and Kakamega Forest in the west of Kenya.

A second draw card is the  Kenyan Coast along the Indian ocean. Extensive coral reefs that are very close to the shore line, palm fringed beaches with white sands and world class resorts make for a perfect holiday. The entry point is Mombassa and beaches are found to the south and north of  Mombassa and finish in the north in the  Lamu archipelago a world heritage site making Kenya a great holiday destination.


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