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30 Sep
A cellphone-based system that allows people to transfer money and pay bills without a bank account is transforming business in Kenya.Mobile money transfer services are accessed via an application installed on the user’s SIM card.

The user can create a free account and deposit money into it for free with registered agents at retail outlets. They may be gas stations, supermarkets, banks or micro-finance providers or small and medium-sized businesses. No minimum account balance is required.The user can then transfer up to $440 from the account to someone else — including someone who doesn’t have a cellphone. The recipient provides identification and picks up the cash from another registered agent.

Users can deposit and withdraw cash, pay water and electricity bills, pay their children’s school fees, get paid by their employers or buy extra airtime for their phone.Not even agents themselves need a computer or internet service — they can record the customer’s transactions on their own mobile phones.Deposits are typically free, but a fee of about 30 cents to $5 is charged for most other transactions.

The cellphone has revolutionized the way business is done in Kenya!!!


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