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Archive for June, 2014

Where to Eat in Nairobi

27 Jun

So the next time you receive money either by Mpesa or in your bank account through remittance companies like mukuru.com why not take time to spoil yourself to some exquisite Kenyan cuisine offered in Nairobi. A vibrant Nairobi, a vast cultural cauldron filled to the brim with an appetizing array of dishes are simply out of this world. We in Africa love our meat, meat especially that which is roasted over an open flame is something we take pride in and enjoy it to the full. For a truly unforgettable meat experience one cannot go further than Carnivore. The aptly titled Carnivore more than “meats” expectations, twice voted amongst the world’s 50 best restaurants by an expert panel in ‘Restaurant ‘ magazine Carnivore is described as ‘amazing’. Designed for the lion among us which is truly our culture, this restaurant opened its doors in 1980 and to this day its been taking care of the African pride with aplomb! Legs of lamb and pork, ostrich, rumps of beef, sirloins, racks of lamb, spare ribs, sausages, chicken wings, skewered kidneys, even crocodile, and other tasty morsels – are roasted on traditional Maasai swords over a huge, spectacular charcoal pit that dominates the entrance of the restaurant. Zebra dressed waitpersons feed you till you literally surrender. The spectacular array of meats coated in an array of flavours that will blow your mind. After your surrender you are treated of a peace settlement of cocktails, coffee and desert.

Do yourself a favour when you have some spending cash, this establishment is popular to both locals and tourists and provides cultural mix that will guarantee a truly epic culinary expedition. carnivore-roasting-pit


Send Money to send a Girl to school

20 Jun

Today I would like to highlight the plight of the Masai girl child who faces a number of obstacles in obtaining a decent education which will provide a platform to economically and socially emancipate herself. The Masai girl faces many barriers which prevent her from going to school. She faces economic barriers in the form of the cost of education. This economic barrier hits hard from the onset as even though primary education is free, school uniforms are compulsory which most Masai families would not be able to afford. Secondary education is mainly boarding based and quite out the reach of many and on top of it the better standards of education is in urban areas making it a necessity for Masai children to attend boarding secondary schools. The Masai girl also faces cultural obstacles in getting an education as they face the prospect of early marriage. Early marriage is encouraged as it is seen as a way to lessen the burden on the child’s family for her upkeep. it allows the family to materially gain from marrying her off and early marriage decreases the likelihood of the child falling pregnant out of wedlock which will significantly reduce her value if and when she gets married. They also face physical barriers in the form of schools being too far away from their villages making education virtually inaccessible.

The benefits to societies of educating women are well-documented and include lower birth rates, better health, lower infant mortality, fewer teenage marriages and pregnancies, and greater economic well being not only for women, but for the entire community in which they live. The Masai Girls Education Fund (MGEF) scholarships, workshops, and community partnerships are empowering women and promising a better future for all Masai, and you can do your part to help this initiative. Through remittance companies like mukuru.com you can send money to help fund a girl child’s dream . You can send money directly to your loved ones through mukuru.com who can then pass it forward to MGEF. The MGEF also has a paypay account to make donations possible from all over the world without any hassle. Kenyans all over the world, let’s rally behind this great initiative and send a Masai girl to school.


Tech Savvy Kenyan Middle Class.

20 Jun

Gone are the days of phone calls, sending sms’s and buying a magazine for the latest information about music, movies and sport. I will even dare to say gone are the days of meeting up with a friend after work for sun-downers and a nice chat. The world is getting smaller ladies and gentlemen, not geographically speaking but in terms of technological advancement. Kenya is no exception and a recent survey bears testament to that fact. Standard Chartered carried out a survey on Kenya’s middle class and noted the increased focus on spending on electronic gadgets like smart phones and tablets. It seems that these gadgets are making a serious impact on everyday life. They are being noted as absolutely important for both business and social life hence their extreme popularity. Safaricom’s increased expenditure on infrastructure has lead to the upsurge in smart phone usage in Kenya. of its 3.1 million users, 1.9 million use smart phones. Video calls are popular, so you really don’t have to meet at the cafe, you can talk and see each other without actually being in the same place. Tablets are what one can say: computer lite! Voice over internet protocol is the way of the future with apps such as Skype and Viber ruling the roost. This transcends into the business world. no longer does one walk around with huge amounts of cash, hey why stop there, you do not even need a card to swipe these days. Transactions can be done at ease on these tablets and smart phones, online pay options have taken root and are spreading. Yucash, Mpesa and Airtel money leading the charge. Be it chatting to friends, having business meetings, sending and receiving money and paying for your groceries, tech savvy Kenyans have embraced the benefits of these gadgets which have really brought us closer to each other and made this world a whole lot smaller.


East Africa’s Investment choice

14 Jun

The property market in Kenya has seen massive opportunity, mainly along the Indian Ocean coastline within the many game reserves Kenya is so famous for.

In addition to being the business hub of East Africa, Kenya is blessed with natural beauty, incredible scenery and abundance of rare and amazing wildlife. Its tourism sector has continued to flourish and the country even attracted property investment into the game reserves in the form of commercial lodges for tourism and also along the Indian Ocean coastal region in the form of a few second home and retirement home developments as well as some holiday resorts and commercial ventures as well.

The increasing number of visitors to Kenya has inevitably boosted the more conservative business confidence in the country and gradually the economic fortunes of Kenya are beginning to see a sustained positive shift.

So weather you are making a long term residential or commercial property investment, Kenya is definitely a significant choice thanks to the growing tourism sector and the solid growth in their underlying investment technology.


Get the most value out of the money you send home!

11 Jun

Sending money over to a different country in a different currency can be quite an expensive exercise as well as an intimidating process.Planning  and  sufficient research is essential  if you intend on sending all or part of your hard earned savings. We may wish  to use the money to finance a  new life when we get home after working so hard  or to buy a property.Whatever the intensions are its important to

  • ensure you get the best exchange rate possible
  • that the transaction is done efficiently and arrives safely to your recipient
  • that you do not pay unnecessary fees.

It is also essential to note that though banks  are well established and are a safe method to send money home,Online money transfers like mukuru.com offer much better rates yet charge less and  have proved to be  more efficient.They essentially have all  3 points  stated above to ensure that  you get the most out of the money you are sending home!!!


The commercial use of cellphones

02 Jun

For a people that embraced the commercial use of mobile telephones just five years ago, Kenyans have become quite innovative in making the gadgets work for them.With M-Pesa one can receive money,pay electricity and water bills, pay for goods at the supermarket, buy airline or bus tickets, withdraw money from an ATM, monitor stocks, and even check bank account balances.Originally, M-PESA was designed to let customers send and receive modest sums of money (up to $500) using their mobile phones. But since its introduction, it has spawned new uses by the day.

While ordinary Kenyans are quite happy about the hassles the service has spared them, such as long lines, local banks are not amused.The service has significantly decreased the daily volume of transactions going through banks. Some 8 million customers move nearly half a billion dollars via the M-PESA system every month.Safaricom recently extended M-PESA services to Britain, allowing Kenyans there to send money to relatives back home. Plans are said to be under way to take it to the United States too.New faces are set to enter the mobile money transfer market soon, setting the stage for a bruising battle for market share and revenues as the industry matures meaning that consumers will soon have greater choice from a wider range of providers.

This and similar payment applications have dramatically changed the life for the better in Africa, where very few people had access to banking services until very recently.