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Mobile technology.com

31 Mar
The demographic structure in Kenya show that people in the 15-24 and 25-54 age groups constitute 18.8% and 32.4% respectively of the entire population, this is a significant percentage of the whole population and also looking at the literacy rate (people over 15 years that can read and write) in Kenya which is more than 80%, these  statistics are from a Kenya Demographics Profile 2013. People in this age group mostly have the means(income) and the need to use technology-education, networking ,careers to name just a few, and therefore the literacy rates aid in increasing the probability and numbers of technology users.
Most Kenyans use the internet to stay in touch with friends and family, their most prefered sites are Facebook Twitter,Myspace, Google+ and Instagram.The US-based Pew Research Centre said 68 per cent of Kenyans discussed politics online, while 62 per cent of the country’s users remained online round the clock.
The number of Mobile subscribers is  increasing steadily every year in Kenya with more than 30 million subscribers at the moment.This shows Growth in that sector and ultimately growth in the usage of technology and broadband requirements in the country.
All this to a certain extend reduces the level of stress on people living abroand who have an interest in Kenya,for example,a Kenyan living abroad can relax knowing when he/she sends money to family they know how to use the technology involved with the whole process such as Mpesa. Mukuru.com has an application (mukuruapp)that can be downloaded by their clients and their recipients alike to enable them to chat with mukuru.com in case there might be a query or with the recepient about anything which for me is really useful but can only be realised if both parties are well versed with the technology that goes with the whole process.



The Kalenjin tribe world runners.

28 Mar

We tend to think of Kenyans as really good distance runners, all these runners are actually from the same tribe of Kenyans known as the Kalenjin. They number around 5 million, making them a small minority, even in Kenya, yet they dominate most of the world’s long-distance races. Kenyan Wilson Kipsang won this year’s Berlin Marathon in 2 hours, 3 minutes and 23 seconds — an average of 4:42 per mile. It was easily the fastest marathon time ever recorded, an incredible feat for another powerful Kenyan(The Kalenjin tribe) runner. But perhaps equally remarkable was that his fellow Kenyans also came in second, third, fourth and fifth place in this major international race. On the women’s side, Kenyans placed first, second and fourth. Only 17 American men in history who have run under 2:10 in the marathon on the other hand 32 Kalenjin who did it in October of 2011. The big question is how do they manage to be so good in long distance marathon. These are some of the facts which makes them world leading runner:

  • Scientists and sports gurus have proposed all sorts of explanations over the years for : from their high-starch diet, to the altitude, to socioeconomics. All those factors are important, but none of them explain why this particular tribe is so dominant. Most scientists state that genes play a major role in making the Kalenjin tribe leading runners.
  • Mental toughness also plays a big role in making the Kalenjin tribe best runners.
  • lnitiation practice also contribute in creating people like Wilson Kipsang.

The Kalenjin tribe is playing a major role in Kenyan economy, whether they are living abroad sending money to Kenya for investing in Kenyan economy or based in Kenya, the tribe is making a huge impact to e economy.






Internet in Africa -Kenya Part 2

25 Mar

broadbandA digital technology that gives users high-speed Internet access where data, e-mail, videos and music can be downloaded at speeds significantly faster than those available through dial-up modems. Often, broadband service is provided through cable lines from a cable telephone company. Another type of broadband connection, digital subscriber lines (DSL) provides high-speed broadband service using a special telephone line.

  • AccessKenya is Kenya’s leading corporate ISP which provides a business VoIP & broadband provider.
  • Blue -Internet Service Provider
  • Ericonet- offers secure easy to use global broadband internet access through the provision of “hotspots” at airports, hotels, conference centres that allow customers to work freely at their convenience
  • KDN-is a public data network operators in Kenya.KDN was a result of a major Kenyan conglomerate-established by the Sameer Group targets businesses and larger institutions in Nairobi and other areas of Kenya offering Leased line, Frame RElay and IP Data services.
  • Skyweb -Provides a wireless solution to consumers who are always on the move or within their office premises, they design, implement, maintain and integrate wireless local area networks to your standard Ethernet or physical network. which according to Skyweb gives an ultimate roaming network access

According to the latest Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK) report, over 16 million of Kenyans have access to the internet with over 9.5 million having online access via mobile connections.Meanwhile, broadband connections to the internet only account for just over 1,178,077 subscriptions.All sectors of Kenya’s economy could be using technology to boost business in the next few years thanks to the country’s broadband strategy 2030.

The ambitious plan by the Kenyan government to enhance connectivity for the country is driven by Vision 2030, which places ICT as one of the important pillars to drive the economy of the country. Kenya’s economy is doing remarkably well as compared to its its fellow African countries. However the vision and the targets that have been put in place needs to be kept and realised to maintain its edge and stay ahead of competition.

Similar to Kenya, South Africa has also launched a national broadband advisory council.This Council which includes different independent technical experts and representative of business, trade unions and civil society among other representatives, and according to the Minister of Communications  Yunus Carrim, will assist in rolling out broadband faster and more effectively.







Internet in Africa -Kenya Part 1

19 Mar

Mobile-Internet-OperatorAccording to OpenNet Initiative many sub-Saharan African governments view the Internet as a key tool for development and are developing ICT policies accordingly, though the region still lags behind the rest of the world in both number and percentage of Internet users.

This is mainly because of Poor infrastructure and Electricity access among other factors.Kenya’s Energy Minister, Kiraitu Murungi, has said that only six percent of rural Kenyans have access to electricity. Even the urban population is not fully catered for in terms of electricity access,  the 2000 World Health Organisation report put the estimate at only 43 percent of urban dwellers who had access to electricity.

Internet access is more scarce in sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else in the world. African Internet users account for less than 5 percent of the world’s online population, and in many countries’ Internet penetration rates are less than 1 percent.This is likely to change in the near future, particularly with the growth of the mobile Internet and the rapid increase of mobile phone use in Africa as a whole.

According to the latest statistics report published by the Communications Commission of Kenya for the July to September 2012 quarter, the country’s  mobile penetration rate grew to 77.2% (from 75% in the previous quarter) on a mobile subscriber base of 30.4 million active SIM cards.

Kenya is also in the process of drafting a policy that would see the country provide 4G (LTE) services to mobile data subscribers.This means that Kenya will seamless streaming of video chat and fast downloading of applications, games, videos and pictures much more than the current (2G) and 3G being offered at the moment by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

Technology and ultimately the internet has become an integral part of the economy and therefore it cannot be ignored. Since “change” is the biggest constant in technology Africa can only keep up with the revolution so as to meet with international standards and also change the statistics for the better.



Eldoret: Runner Factory making more profit

11 Mar

Elodoret is the fastest growing town in Kenya thanks to the fact that it is the home town to most Kenyan world running champions.

Kenya has undoubtedly proven that it has talent when it comes to running and the people haven’t turned a blind eye, they have embraced the reality, and making a profit out of it.

Eldoret, a town in Kenya’s Rift Valley. Judging by the number of newly built multi-storied buildings, luxurious hotels and palatial homes, this previously undeveloped area is booming as a result of the fortunes earned in the world of professional athletics.

Remittances are probably pouring from different parts of the world through different remittance companies. Maybe from the United Kingdom after the London Marathon,  the money would maybe be sent via Mukuru.com,a remittance company which sends money to bank accounts in Kenya  and also to Mpesa . Probably part of that money is for a building project,clearly there is a lot of development “Projects”going on in the town. These developments however small generate investment ripples and transform the community as a whole. Job creation, entrepreneurship, technology and even education to name but just a few benefits that Eldoret is enjoying.



International Women’s Day

09 Mar
Yesterday 8 March marked International Women’s Day, and this years theme is “inspiring change“. WOW! l must just say this women are special indeed, l mean on your birthday, women’s day, mothers day and International women’s day you get to be celebrated, recognised motivated .
In Kenya it was marked with several functions held at several venues and also with their own sub themes as well. Women and young girls are subjected to all sorts of cultural abuses, these practices like child marriages and genital mutilation.A day like this means there will be numerous activities aimed at educating and empowering women in all different areas of their life.
Events that stood out for me was the:-
  • (WTM) Women’s Techmakers in Mbombasa which focusses on a technical women audience,  A community initiative which focuses on inspiring and developing upcoming innovative technology ideas through networking, technical training and support and professional mentoring and coaching
  • ANNUAL MPOWER IN CELEBRATION of (IWD), Nyali Centre, Mombasa MPower Ltd is hosting the AMWTE 2014 to provide an opportunity for women to showcase their prowess in their endeavours to economically empower themselves.
  • GIRL RISE-A-THON, ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAYAYPEs Nailab, Nairobi Incubation Lab, Nairobi (Association of Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs, True North Leadership, Nailab, Broad Horizons, Google, Intel: Girl Rising Kenya – Empowering Young Women in ICT and Entrepreneurship
  • BILL OF RIGHTS TRAINING Mnarani, Kilifi, Kilifi, 80108 Field leaders, girls between 13 – 18, in Moving the Goalposts will have discussions about the Bill of Rights and explore the opportunities in the Kenya Bill to create positive changes in their communities

These events empower women economically and increase even the contribution from women to the economy as a whole. Women represent a significant part of the worlds population and most women world over have been housewives regardless of their education. The world needs more women leaders, women professionals, women in entrepreneurship, and knowledgeable women.



Hawkers in Nairobi

04 Mar

Hawkers have had many challenges from the city council Askaris. There are designated markets for hawkers but these are usually located far from the city center for example (Muthurwa Hawkers Market) and this is done to avoid conjestion and crime in the CBD.

In as much as the City Council of Nairobi are working towards containing the hawkers and sellers in one Strategic position, we all have to admit that the hawkers can save the day in more ways than one.You will easily find affordable goods without putting much effort.

Water bottles which are essential in the hot Nairobi sun much cheaper with the hawkers than in the supermarkets.

Clothes and accessories just meters away from each other and also go with the trend. for instance, they have chiffon tops and chino pants which are a fashion statement in Kenya at the moment. Button earrings from as little as 30Ksh, luminous belts are also a hit in the fashion arena.

Timing is also important to the Hawkers they extend their trading hours even when the shops are closed which is convenient to those that work most of the day and get no chance to do some shopping.

A hawking kind of life ….kenya



Investment in Kenya ?? Part 2

03 Mar

investmentSo you probably have a business already overseas, or posses several years of experience and you are confident that given a chance u can manage your own business and the biggest question is the feasibility.

Well this post wont be about a detailed statistics or market values and profit margins to be attained. This post merely supports the fact that it is very possible for you, to start your own business in your home country and succeed.

First of all, non.kenyan residents or Kenyans living in the diaspora become sceptic and base their judgement on the information provided by te media and hearsay facts that do not always reflect the true situation on the ground.Most probably as well the majority have not yet returned home since moving abroad.

However,the point is that the business environment is supporting for the expansion of industries and there are niche markets to be discovered new technologies and intelligence that has not hit the East African shores yet that can generate significant and thriving enterprises.

I will not turn a blind eye on the disadvantages, with every business there is always a downside, apply for licensing, pass  Environmental, Health and Security impact assessments depending on the sector and competition just to mention but a few.Click this link and check out some business success in Kenya.investment