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Archive for April, 2011

Mobile and Internet users in Kenya

28 Apr

Check the statistics in Kenya for Internet and mobile use, we can clearly see that it is a great idea to use mobile phones for confirmation of ones transaction. There has been a steady growth in Kenya, for mobile subscribes in Kenya from 20.1 million to 22 million, a whopping 740 million sms are sent in Kenya.Internet users are established at 8.69 million.These are pretty good figures, they show how people in Kenya have eased into the mobile way of life.Its fast and efficient……………


Thumbs up to Techno

27 Apr

Technology have made life easier for people be it in our personal life or in business.money transfer companies have taken that fact to help both on a personal level and on a business prospective.by sending money to Kenya via sms and   mpesa companies are helping an individual by allowing them to receive cash on their mobile for personal use and on a business point of view their not only helping themselves, they will create a very large scale of customers because everyone has a mobile and also making business for small businesses that have an mpesa outlet in their shop.thumbs up to money transfer companies and their awareness of technology and the ways it is evolving, they have made life simpler for Kenyans in and outside the country.


Kenyan economic shift

26 Apr

Based on the economic estimates for 2011 in Kenya the estimate was said to be rising from 2010  which was 5% upping to 5.7% an ok 0.07% growth,considering the pass years it is good to hear that the economy is getting better.how ever on the exchange rate the Shilling against the Pound from last year 23th October 2010 to April 14 2011,shifted from £1:126.95 to £1:137.73, minimum in December 28 (123.87) average (130.49) and max in March 14 (139.27).Transfer companies, have taken to consideration such a change in the economy of Kenya and have started to transfer considerably good rates from UK to Kenya.


Collection points

19 Apr

I am amazed at the number of outlets one can collect from Mpesa Kenya,about 16 000 across the country and they are connected to Money transfer companies like mukuru.com.so the person collecting will never have trouble finding the collection points.it does not matter where they are in Kenya,all they need is a mobile phone and they are good to go.